ARRESTED by Starbucks for Not Ordering, Waiting for Friend, While Black

Two black men were arrested at Starbucks’ request on Thursday after asking to use the restroom and then waiting for a friend without ordering. They were allegedly asked to leave and refused. Their friend shows up during the arrest and confirms that they are all real estate brokers meeting at the coffee shop.

Tainted Love: FBI Raids Trump’s Personal Attorney Michael Cohen

On Monday, FBI agents raided the offices, home, and hotel room of the President Of The United States’ personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Normally, we wouldn’t talk about political issues in an effort to maintain a centered political position as well as focus on the educational aspect of our stories. Fortunately, this story allows us to do both.

(by the way, “A Higher Loyalty” by James Comey releases Monday)

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Star Control: Ur-Quan Masters of Lawsuits (Part 1)

Stardock has sued Paul Reiche and Fred Ford over the intellectual property rabbit hole that is the Star Control franchise. Let’s go over 30 years of complexity and learn about copyrights and trademarks in the process. There’s also some really good stuff in here.

Thanks to tactical_bra for researching and writing this story.

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode!

Docs below.

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