Disney Tries Again to Stop Redbox Selling Digital Codes

Disney claims it has modified the language surrounding the sale of its bundled disc+code offering such that Redbox can no longer sell the digital codes at its rental kiosks.

The right of first sale protects your right to buy a physical copy and sell a physical copy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First-sale_doctrine

The major issue in this part of the case is whether Redbox is allowed to sell the “physical copy of a code” that represents the redemption code for a digital version of the movie. Previously, the judge had said Disney could not enforce the language on its bundle packs.

In response, Disney changed the language on its bundle packs and is re-petitioning the judge for an order preventing Redbox from selling the codes.

Disney’s 2nd Request for Injunction: Disney Injunction Round 2

Our video on the denial of Disney’s first request:

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