Not Settled: Monkey Selfie

A judge in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has made a request for a vote on whether to rehear the Naruto v. David Slater opinion dated April 23, 2018. This was the case where PETA tried to stand-in on behalf of the Celebes crested macaque to establish that animals could own copyrights. Let’s review the parties’ responses and see what they think.

The sua sponte Order for a vote to rehear: 63 2018_05_25 Sua Sponte Order

PETA’s Brief: https-ecf-ca9-uscourts-gov-n-beam-servlet-transportroom-servlet-showdoc-009030105961’s Brief: https-ecf-ca9-uscourts-gov-n-beam-servlet-transportroom-servlet-showdoc-009030106690

David Slater’s Brief: https-ecf-ca9-uscourts-gov-n-beam-servlet-transportroom-servlet-showdoc-009030104463

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