Discord Chat Laws

The Lawful Masses Discord Chat Server is a place for the meritorious discussion of various topics of law, news, and others as well.

These rules are here to guide us toward fulfilling our higher purpose of legal education and meaningful discussion.

  • Don’t be mean
    • Discuss the idea, don’t attack the person or people
    • Don’t use racial/gender/etc slurs
    • Don’t attempt to doxx or intimidate other users
  • No porn.
    • Adults may discuss sex and porn in a respectful and meaningful way in #sex-and-education.
  • Politics and Religion belong in #Politics-and-Religion, nowhere else.
  • Don’t break the law
  • Follow at all times the Discord TOS
    • This means NSFW content is not permissible
  • Please be respectful to moderators, admins, and hosts as they attempt to provide the best community experience. We will always be open to discussing changes to the rules. Any such requests should be friendly and in #lobby. Once a host, admin, or moderator states what the rule is going to be and tells you to drop it, please do.