Censorship Stink Rethink in Sibley, Iowa

As predicted, the little town of Sibley, Iowa, rethought their attempt to censor a citizen website critical of the town.

The City of Sibley agreed to the following:

  • Allow a Court Order (Injunction) blocking the city from making further legal threats;
  • Provide training on the First Amendment for city staff;
  • Issue a written apology to Josh;
  • Cover $20,475 in ACLU-IA attorneys’ fees; and
  • Pay $6,500 in damages to Josh.

ACLU Release: https://www.aclu-ia.org/en/news/censorshipstinks

Donate to the ACLU of Iowa: https://action.aclu.org/give/support-aclu-iowa

Josh Harms’ website: http://shouldyoumovetosibleyia.com/

Original Lawful Masses Video:

Stipulated Permanent Injunction against Sibley, IA: harms_permanent_injunction

Original Complaint: Harms-Complaint