Judge Denies Injunction for Disney’s Copyright Misuse

Judge Pregerson has accused Disney of mis-using its copyrights by preventing the transfer of DVDs and Blu-rays in violation of consumers’ right of first sale. The ruling stops short of finding in favor of Redbox. The ruling has lots to say about the copyright first-sale doctrine. Let’s discuss.

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Murray Energy lawsuit against John Oliver DISMISSED

The case of Murray Energy v. HBO and John Oliver has been adjudicated and DISMISSED by the Presiding Judge in West Virginia.

Marshall County Court Judge Jeffrey D. Cramer found

“the arguments set forth in the Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss . . .  well-founded, appropriate in this matter and will grant the same.”

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$20 million Med-Mal judgment tossed for Legal Malpractice, Judge recommends ‘further action’

Today’s story involves both the unfortunate death of a person and the mistaken loss of their $20 million judgment.

There’s medical malpractice, there’s legal malpractice, there’s even the rare “judgment notwithstanding the verdict” where a judge overturns a jury’s rendered verdict, something that does not happen every day.

And, I believe the judge who offered his separate concurring opinion did so to try and explain how this could happen to an earnest plaintiff with a good case.

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LIVE: Writing a “Moc” Lawsuit

L.L. Bean announced today that it will no longer honor its previous lifetime guarantee on many of its products. The new policy is a 1 year guarantee with returns after longer periods “considered”.

While it’s completely understandable to curb abuse, many customers fear that they have lost some of the value they bargained for when they bought goods with a lifetime guarantee. Taking away that guarantee amounts to removing value that customers have already paid for by removing future benefits that customers reasonably expected.

My super-secret guest and I will write a class-action lawsuit from start to finish, LIVE. This will be an academic exercise only and is not legal advice or ghost writing of any kind.

We will go over the basic legal principles of:

  • a well-plead complaint;
  • jurisdiction;
  • a class-action lawsuit;
  • basics of contracts for goods;
  • warranties;
  • damages;
  • specific performance;
  • and more!

Join me LIVE on Twitch.tv/leonardfrench at 3pm Eastern today, 2/10.

See you then!